Livemor Foot Massager - Black

Livemor Foot Massager - Black

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Another long day of walking and standing? Feel that you need a good massage to rejuvenate the senses, particularly the legs, calves and feet? Well, you can have those soothing massages in the comfort of your own home (or practically anywhere where a power point is available) with the Livemor Foot Massager.

Setting up the massage is easy with the simple-to-use control panel where you can customize your favourite rub downs in terms of pressure and speed. And with the remote control, you can just sit back and operate from there without any hassles. Not least, the Foot Massager shuts off automatically after 15 minutes to prevent any hurt or injury to your body.

Easy to clean with a zippered washable fabric liner, the Foot Massager is also easy to carry with its handy carry handles. So don’t let the aches and pains weigh you down. Get yourself the Livemor Foot Massager and experience relaxing comfort anytime, anywhere.

Attention: The foot massager may interfere with the operation of a cardiac pacemaker. Not recommended for use persons with cardiac pacemakers.

* Two powerful motors
* Simple-to-use control panel
* Automatic and manual control system
* 15-minute auto shut-off
* 3 levels of intensity
* Squeezes and massages
* In-built roller
* Flexible air-pressure kneading pads
* Comes with remote control
* Portable carry handles
* Zipper washable fabric liner


* Brand: Livemor
* Power: 48W
* Voltage: 220-240V; 50/60Hz
* Rated worKing time: 15 minutes
* Cable length: 136cm
* Overall dimension: 59 x 34 x 25 cm
* Colour: Black

Package Content
1 x Livemor Foot Massager
1 x Remote Control
1 x User Manual

  • 【Customizable Massager】- This foot massager has pre-programmed functions. "Automatic program" cycles from program 1 to program 4, and each one can be customized based on your desire. Out of the 10 available settings, you can even adjust the speed to best suit your needs.

  • 【Unique Design】- Classic appearance design, beautiful, high-grade paint. Featured 2 anti-skid foot pads on the massager, enjoy the massage more comfortably. 11 Non-slip sponge foot mats at the bottom of the machine will keep the massager stable while you're enjoying the massage.

  • 【Easy to Clean】- Zipped removable foot sleeve. Easy to clean, prevent cross infection. Recommend frequent cleaning the sleeve. Compact size, can be placed under the desk. If you want a strong massager, this one's for you. It does wonders for sore and tired feet and calves.

  • 【Benefits】- After a busy day, before shipping, have a massage for your feet. Regular foot massage can effectively promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue, improve sleep, and more. Continuous stimulation and massage of foot acupoints can relieve pressure and improve health.

  • 【Great Gift】 - All-round foot massage, multi-directional wrapping feet, soles, arch, side of foot, heel, relaxed and moderate extrusion of foot nerves, three-dimensional massage of feet. It is a great gift for parents and people who sit or stand for a long time.