Handy Home Electronics That Are Trending Right Now

Love keeping up with the latest tech crazes? Love accentuating your home with the latest electronics? Your contemporary home deserves nothing but the very best of the latest trends which is why our destination for online shopping in Australia for men and women brings you the top 3 trending home accessories that you need to welcome home this year!


Safety First

An all-time favourite and the #1 chart-topper consecutively throughout the year- our Smart Video Doorbell has created quite a buzz in the market. The primary objective of this doorbell is to enhance the safety of your home with features like real-time video and audio, recording facilities, intrusion alert and more keeping your home absolutely secure from inside and out!


Life on The Go

Who has the time to wait around anymore, right? Schedules are getting busier than ever and if you want to make the most of your time, how about letting your smart digital watch do the talking for you? Our large screen Android Smart Watch is a real keeper that lets you browse, make bank transactions and stay connected to all your important affairs while you go about your day. The best part? It comes with a long, durable battery life.



Want to fix yourself an easy cuppa without having to go through all the efforts? When it comes to modern homes, it is the kitchen that amazes us the most! Amongst some of the latest kitchen electronics trend, the Automatic Electric Teapot Set has stood out for its convenience and effortless usage. If you think this is an ordinary electric kettle, you’re completely wrong! This comes packed with features like multiple configurations, double insulation, real-time temperature display and control, intelligent water supply adjustment, rapid boiling and more! No more waiting for a steaming cup of tea anymore!


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